Who supports us when we struggle? Who comes to our aid when we’re in trouble? Who truly loves us? Who encourages, motivates and challenges us? Most of us would respond to these questions with “our family and friends.” We all can agree that the people who we are in relationship with fulfill these needs. Yet so many of us neglect our relationships. As a result, we make life harder for ourselves. We end up struggling with loneliness, low confidence, or even with the idea that we are on our own and have to do things all by ourselves. This does not have to be the case. We are made to communicate, to be social. Relationships are vital to living a happy life. Relationships are our main way of giving and receiving love.

There is a common misconception that our relationships, once established, will take care of themselves. The reality is that we need to take time to nurture and strengthen the bonds and ties we have with those around us. Whether the relationships are personal or business related, we need to work at sustaining them. God has put within all of us something that is beneficial to someone else. When we begin to share what we have, we will also have the space to receive what God has put within others to share with us.

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Helping people navigate through diagnosis of terminal illnesses.

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