Why Baby Steps

Baby Steps was written as a resource for families who have newly learned of any type of illness or even terminal diagnosis. My wife and I found ourselves a very challenging situation when our 16- month-old son Terrell was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. We had a second experience when I was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer in 2017. Emotional support resources were and remain very limited to assist families, so I created one.

We are now providing a resource/guide to handling this life-changing transition. Even though many days were a complete blur, my wife and I have taken the time to recall those first 10 days and share the experience in the book.
My hope is that Baby Steps will be placed in the hands of the families who find themselves grappling with this unimaginable devastation. We are endeavoring to get the book placed in hospitals, doctors’ offices, Oncology Clinics, treatment centers and anywhere that families receive diagnosis.

We believe this resource will provide solid direction for the coming days.

Consider purchasing this resource, if not for you for someone else. You never know who you may meet that may need this resource.

Baby Steps was released on Terrell’s birthday June 8th in 2017

Our goal is to help as many families as possible.



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